Serious Funny Brown and White American Pit Bull Terrier With Brown Costume
Photo by Gilberto Reyes from Pexels

Life can feel like it’s extremely complicated sometimes. One thing going on here and another one going on over there.

We’re always so busy and disconnected from ourselves. We get too caught up and focused on external factors or different metrics of the world. …

Person Lying Down on Sofa Reading a Book
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

1. Pros And Cons

There are always thoughts that continually get in the way of our life. Be it a random worry or a meaningless argument with ourselves or someone.

I, for one, have a lot of thoughts that constantly get in the way like many others. Sometimes it can be annoying, while other…

Untitled Poet

Trying to have a positive impact on others. I write about all the random things that I come across in life. Usually, it’s philosophy.

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