Our Perception of Time & How To SLOW It Down

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7 min readMay 19, 2022
A running wall clock.
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the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone or anything. It’s always there just hanging out in the background and passing by in its comfort. We follow it with calendars, clocks, and all the random tools at our disposal.

The theory of relativity explains that the concept of time began way back when a tiny dot of matter burst into infinite pieces and created what we now know as space and our universe. Time was basically the descendant of such events. And through change and motion, we were able to represent it. Then we slowly developed systems that allowed us to better make sense of everything.

  • It allowed us to document and understand historical events.
  • The age, speed, and other variables of all sorts of artifacts.
  • And it’s the way that we measure the cycle of our planet, the sun, moon, and everything else.

But this article isn’t about the fundamentals of time. Rather, it’s about better understanding our perspective and relation to the way that we perceive time in order to shift it in a more positive direction.

Natural Perception

From waking up, to going to school, hanging out with friends, or engaging in other simple activities; time was always the major guide to our common world.

Sometimes it was our friend, and sometimes our enemy. Days were long, and weeks sometimes felt like an eternity. Birthday parties, times in school, trips w/ family, most of them were like year-like expeditions through our lens.

However in difference to those times when we were younger, entering the adult stage of life feels more like days turn into weeks, months into years and everything else blurs into a blob of repetitiveness. The responsibility of growing up, and the endless pressures of society make our lives intensely busy with all sorts of things, and we end up wondering where all that time went.

However, time still moves the same way as it did during our childhood, so the only thing that changed was our perception of it.



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