The Human Condition of Being Mortal

Life ends.

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The goal of this article is to sprout inspiration in others to live more deliberately.

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1. Early Thoughts

When I was much younger, I habitually questioned those around me about the meaning of life and related ideas about our existence. Maybe it was the way that I worded my questions, or rather, that these types of inquiries were not very common for someone my age.

It was actually quite funny what people came up with at times.

Uniformly, everyone gave me arbitrary and fictitious-like answers. Never really anything worth thinking about.

And so, I made sure to find others that were willing to conversate with more patience and honesty.

I had many long conversations with some of my friends, but mostly with my brother. Some of the conversations were very useful. At least in terms of figuring out what exactly it was that I was after.

I slowly went through different ideas that I had come up with, but there was still a long line of questions awaiting the assortment.

2. Gradual Learning

As months passed, I learned a lot from different online resources and was referred to follow along with many distinguished readings to learn from.

Gradually, I began picking up different books from the library about all sorts of topics relating to the philosophy of death and revolving concepts.

It seemed that all my past interests layered around this type of content. So this is where I began. I wrote down all the ideas I came across so that I wouldn’t lose them, and in return, I was able to better understand them.

Besides playing video games all the time, this was what I put most of my free time into (free will & determinism were also some of my favorite concepts during that time).

Then after some thinking, I figured that my desire to pursue this whole thing was really only fueled by a single lingering thought of which I never let go. An idea that was fabricated by fear, or some type of wishful thinking, of not…



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