Don’t Be Afraid Of Dying

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4 min readJan 16, 2022
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gradually ceasing to exist or function; in decline and about to disappear.

This idea has been one of those that I’ve dabbled with for a long time with hardly any actual progress. Or at least the kind of progress that I was after.

It was always quite terrifying to imagine: disappearing into this eternal pool of nothingness. The thought of leaving. Not being able to experience, not being able to be present anymore.

Logically, there didn’t seem to be many apparent reasons for the individual to live beside the natural one. However, there was an unlimited amount of subjectivity that people created across time, places, and cultures about the concept of death.

A few dreaded the idea of dying. Others thought of it as a new beginning, a punishment, or a way into another world.

I obviously don’t want to die, but I will & I have to accept that. I really have no other choice. So, what to do then?


I think once you’ve thought about it, you come to a realization that worrying about it is just a waste of your time: it worries you, saddens you, brings you down, and overall adds negativity to your life.

The only solution is to focus on changing your perspective.

You can lose all motivation and live a life of regret and constant moments of unnecessary sadness, or you can put that aside, and instead enjoy the rest of your limited existence in whatever way you deem fair.

We can use the argument by comparison, that anything that exists will revert to not existing after some point in time. Or that everyone around me will probably face the same ending for thousands of years to come.

Going back to the beginning, with regards with death being so terrifying, after evaluating almost everything that I have, I concluded that it’s better to say that death is just death, it’s not bad, it’s not good, it just is. In some sense it makes our lives be somewhat better. It makes our lives be worthwhile. You could even say it’s what gives us happiness.

But whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. It’s happening, and we can’t change it.

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